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Summer in Mikuni offshore SLJ@blues


5th, August 2020

I join to  blues in Kuzurryu port which is in Fukui Prf.

The first throw and I catch yellowtail.

Then hits come without stopping.



Today Spanish mackerels are on a roll and they attack a lot when you roll first.

By NOBUNAGA light 80g pink gold


I catch 3 Spanish mackerels.



This yellowtail shallow whole of NOBUNAGA light 80g

It is better that I don’t put a rear hook😅



The baits are seem like sardines so the  condition of the fishes are good❕

It is high quality which is fatty.



A huge yellowtail

By NOBUNAGA light180g real young lancefish.


According to what the captain says, the baits are in the under the censer, being pushed or in very all the way from area .

To search widely, spinning tackle and casting fishing.

Quietly rolling and stopping, or slowly searching every time.

I repeat these and I catch a lot.




At shallow point, it seems like that small looking jig is better,

I use IEYASU 40g green gold,

at this point, I find rockfishes but no mackerels…



Looking for where the censer reacts, and while some yellowtails are caught,

Quite big sized yellowtail is caught

By NOBUNAGA light80g real young lancefish

I catch this one the 30m from the depth of water. 

This catch is the last one and time is up.


Today I don’t catch but amberjerck, yellowtails are aimed at the same point so it is enjoyable.

For tackling, it is better than light ones than heavy ones to hit.



Please try it out!