BOZLES – back then and on into the future, we’ll always be BOZLES.

Work-related email and social media posts, schedule control, information-gathering, and inquiries.
With a smartphone, matters that used to take a while can be accomplished in minutes.

Before we had mobile phones, there was no way to let someone know when you were going to be late, and the person left in limbo could only fret and wait.
When gathering information or marking inquiries, we fish out facts from books, always keep a notebook and scheduler at hand, and memorize lots of telephone numbers.

When we were kids, playing outside with friends was the way of the world. Everyone is a genius as coming up with ways to play. We also fished in neighborhood streams and ponds. We didn’t care what kind of gear we used, and not catching anything was a common occurrence. But even so, we enjoyed it with all our heart.

The world is an information-tech society. A net search can find out just about everything. Companies pursue the utmost in efficiency, bringing ever more convenience to people’s lives.

That’s why it might be fishing. We couldn’t make the catch back then, but maybe now we can. The excitement we felt as kids doesn’t fade.


“It means you can catch it.”
BOZLES – an uncompromising commitment to tungsten.


Committed to finding the shape of small fish that the big ones go for.


Tungsten – with a specific gravity 1.6 times more than lead. Tungsten in a small silhouette elicits biting in the targets that prey on small fish.


Rapid sinking, even in turbulent waters.


These use the heaviest material in metal jigs that are readily available, so they also sink fastest. They perform well even in fast currents, when you want to sink them all the way down as quickly as possible.


Going farther! Hitting where you want.


You can count on tungsten’s specific gravity not just in the water, but in the air as well. These are resistant to winds when casting, and are ideal for shore casting when you want distance.

But despite tungsten’s effectiveness in catching fish, it does also have drawbacks. It’s a rare metal, which means it’s expensive. Its melting point of 3,422 degrees Celsius is the highest of any metal, so forming it requires special equipment. It doesn’t hold coating well, so applying paint is difficult.
At BOZLES, our aims are to improve our procurement capabilities and offer products at low prices, improve our technical strengths and plan products based on novel ideas, and carry on technical innovations and improve painting, and are pressing ahead toward manufacturing the world’s best-catching lures.