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Zin VS Fishing in Okinawa


It is during the July, I go to Okinawa to try Zin out😙









For the first throw and blacktip grouper is caught by Zin blade 20g❤

When you see red fishes, I feel like I come to Okinawa!

After that, Pacific yellowtail emperor are double caught, the hits don’t know how to end😍

Then these 2 staffs for 2 red things!

It isn’t blacktip grouper but variola louti!

By using Zin slim 20g😁

Then red thing comes to me!!

The same fish😂 But I used Zin blade 40g😝😝😝😝

And someone messes it something up…








6kg sized bluefin trevally! It is so huge and beautiful, that’s awesome!!

This fish is cauhgt by Zin slim 30g😚😚

Congrats mate!


Today is like I enjoy all the day with fishes and I catch a lot!

This Zin series release in the end of September, please use and try it out!!