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In Omaezaki with TAIHEIMARU


30th July, 2020

I join to TAIHEIMARU in Omaezaki which is located in Shizuoka Prf.

Today is the day for sea bream rubber🎱


Right after we fish, there are many caught.

By pink glow 120g

By orange glow 200




Seems like using glitter ties are good, the captain gave me one and I put it on, I catch✨

By clear orange 120g

Today, quickly rolling works out really well.



By clear orange 200g

There are a lots of small sized sea breams but this one is 60cm which is quite good.


About the end of fishing time, the hit comes !!

I struggle a lot with the fish and it is finally caught,

greater amberjack!

クリアオレンジ 150g



By clear orange 150g


Limited on web onlinw red thunder 120g


Throughout the whole day, I can catch alot🎊

With glitter tie, I can catch a lot I think.✨


The captain and others do ikejime so you can fish without any breaks🎣

I highly recommend someone who is beginner or cannot do ikejime.


Go to get on the ship🐈