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First time at Amakusa and on a roll✨


12th, June 2020

This is the first time in Amakusa, the targets were chicken grunts and sea breams ✌

This year was on the late than usual for chicken grunts but we gave it a try,, no catch 🤦‍♂️

So we switched for sea breams❤❤

The choice seemed great and one throw and 70cm overed sea bream 😍

Look at this face, it was hilarious🤣🤣🤣 By using DROP K blue grow!

The tide got in a bad condition but there were rock fishes.

There was double hits too😆😆

And then the tide has settled down,

By using DROP K again, these 2guys caught them, 60up😆


We’ve caught 3 sea breams already, and the tide has got bad so the hits were stop,,,


No way😋😋

Thanks to DROP K, we can fish without stopping🎉🎉

Some baits and sea breams again!! This is by DROP K all grow 

Seems like in heaven to be here😘😘

Then after catching sea breams, try again for chicken grunts!

The tide was immediately good at the moment and we caught them!!

We were about to double catches but the another one was came off the fishing needle😢😢

Catching by TG TOKICHIRO all grow👌👌


It was amazing and Amakusa was really great spot😊😊


Thanks to Syuugyoumaru ship for this nice experience!