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Spanish marckerel on a roll!@ARIMOTOMARU


9th, June, 2020

On the 8th, June, we went to ARIMOTOMARU of Utsumi New Port in Aichi prefecture.

I prepared to catch pagrus majors with DROP-K but Spanish macklerels were on roll so did almost jigging🤣


The momentum wasn’t good so caught a fishing hook on seaweed💦

I tried some in rotation and HIDEYOSHI 160g got me❗




Repeating; 5m rolling from the water depth and dropping.

The others who caught a lot did rolling about 15m.

The way of this and 5 caches 

Of corse this hook is for Spanish mackerels from BOZLES.

I did only rear hook because of avoiding to catch a fishing hook on coral and breaking the leader and safety😃

I reduced the number of fishing needles as it is dangerous when Spanish mackerel is out of control.

During the last one hour,

The tide has slowed and the tide and fish have settled down, time for new strength, NOBUNAGA light 80g.




Caught Spanish mackerel 

By NOBUNAGA light 80g pink gold


There was a flock of yellowtails and caught amberjacks.

This can use only when the tide is calm, but when it is not, it seems to be powerfuL😁

It is important to use different materials.


This is the baits of the Spanish mackerel.

Spanish mackerel spit our smaller sardines, so it may be eating sometime else a lot.

There are many baits.


We are going to catch more and more!



i.e.,you can fish ☆ BOZLES ☆



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