6th, June 2020

Today we went to Shima, Mie prefecture for fishing port are with KOGAITOMARU.


Tried to catch chicken grunts in shallow,,,😅

It seemed great condition but because of the tide, no reaction.

Caught moray ell,,,

First time to catch it by jigging

Something is wrong I supporte.


Even we can or catch chicken grunts, others can be caught is a good thing for SLJ❗


Changing the spot and then one hit!

It was a long long fight and caught this sized fish

It was hard tackle with SLJ🤣

Congrats for the catch mate!

This fish took IEYASU30g swallowing without chewing 


Rumoured that the fat is in good and delicious, yellowtail

By using NOBUNAGA light 40g

Just keep rolling and fishes were on.

A lot of sardines came out from the belly of yellowtail.

The size was just perfect.


We caught yellowtails without stopping so we went for tungsten.


By using IEYASU30g and I caught a sea bream when I aimed near the water depth.

If you aime sea breams, it’s better to go for water depth.

For mackerels, it was between the water depth and sea surface.


There were many baits too.

We are going to have more fun❗