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Aiming at fish of phantom@Shintokumaru


5th, June 2020


I went  fishing to Torai fishing port which is in Ishikawa prefecture, Shintokumaru.

No change over last year, mackerels are on roll.


Top water fishing was well than jigging.


The sea was quiet so waiting and seing how Nippon spinous was then the captain💦

Only having the spinning tackle at the time…


But I did my best on my holdings❗

There was no react by Nippon spinous but caught oweston sting fishes and Jacopever time to time,


Then it was that spot or the time

Nippon spinous came out😆



He caught it with IEYASU all grow 120g.

Congrats to catch the fish.

He caught with electric jigging by using Taiko all grow HIDEYOSHI 300g 

First time to catch it for him and congratulation again.



Then the size got bigger and bigger.

Locally famous fisher man, Gengorou.

The biggest size of the day, about nearly 8kg, and 2 others catches by all Taiko HIDEYOSHI zebra gold 300g.



As I started imitating how Gengorou fished, I fished on🤣

Here Taiko HIDEYOSHI red zebra 300g again.


Quick 1/4 pitching by ladling up😁

Seems like to adjust pitching by how the ship flows.

It was a quite nice lesson❗

It is difficult spot to reach out, but if you’re interested, please contact to Shintokumaru、Sano captain.



i.e.,you can fish ☆ BOZLES ☆



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