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The story of the blue sky beyond the clouds.

Red metallic

Colors Red metallic, All-glow, Full silver, Glow-head silver, Pink-line silver
Weights ・150g (160mm) Retail price: 3,240 yen (not including tax)
・180g (170mm) Retail price: 3,600 yen (not including tax)
・200g (176mm) Retail price: 3,720 yen (not including tax)

The fall pattern of a slow-style jig that has become popular for targeting bluefish and mackerel.
Unlike a normal slow-pitch jig, the slow-style jig is repeatedly dropped by winding quickly and feeding during the fall.
The conventional, symmetrical four-sided structure and rear-balanced shape of the lure makes it easy to use for anyone and yields stable fishing results.
The low-weight zinc alloy is adopted, and the silhouette is large and excellent in attracting fish, but the resistance during reeling is light and reduces the consumption of physical strength.
When jerked, it darts to the left and right with a flat hit. After the jerk, it falls with a slight backslide and transitions to a horizontal posture.
During the horizontal fall, the body side receives water and slowly falls flapping.
To respond to unexpected saury, BOZLES hook for saury equipped with Zairon 40 is equipped both front and back as standard to prevent assist cut. Also, since it has a certain length of body, there are fewer swallowed ones. The swivel is also preset, so you can use it right away when you open the package.



Flat dart action on both left and right sides.


After jerking, the lure transitions horizontally with a slight backslide and falls gently with a fluttering motion.