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GOU【100g 120g】

The story of the blue sky beyond the clouds.

Red metallic

Colors Red metallic, Green gold, Full silver, Purple-gold glow berry, Pink-purple zebra, Red-gold zebra
Weights ・100g Retail price: 1,650 yen (not including tax)
・120g Retail price: 1,800 yen (not including tax)

The GOU has a good swim action and achieves good catch results with a low-density zinc alloy adopted and a responsive swim action.
Compared to the existing GOU, the new weight of 100g and 120g models makes it easier to take the floating feeling and feeding intervals.
The GOU is aimed at bluefish and mackerel, which are sought after with combined reeling and one-pitch falling during jerking.
The targets are diverse, such as scabbard fish and cherry trout, which one wants to feed during the floating sensation after action.
The GOU designed with symmetrical left and right, four-sided structure, and rear balance produces an ideal swimming action even with just reeling, and it is easy to use and provides stable fishing results for everyone.



Flat dart action on both left and right sides.


After jerking, the lure transitions horizontally with a slight backslide and falls gently with a fluttering motion.