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In Akashi, fishes are on roll!


Today I go to Akashi which is in Hyogo Prf.!

Akashi is known by a rapid current, it is really difficult to catch😢

But even in the situation, he catches yellowtail, well done!!

By NOBUNAGA 180g zebra gold

I knew it but NOBUNAGA really works well against mackerels😁😁😁

Then hit comes to me!

It is kind of heavy but the reel doesn’t nod a lot, I wonder what it is,,



Oh my goodness😱😱😱😱







There you go!!

Quite big sized😲😲

According to local people, this sized is like monster one.

It has 52cm🥶🥶

By using HIDEYOSHI 180g pink!✨✨

It is such a memorial fishing day!!