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Yellowtails and Spanish mackerels@RYUSEIMARU


20th, July 2020

I joined to RYUSEIMARU in Nishiura fishing spot.

The day before the captain told me that he wasn’t sure if the ship was able to departure😅


Right after I start fishing,

Luckily he caught sea bream 

By HIDEYOSHI 140g pearl pink

Because of the long raining, the sea water wasn’t clear that is why he told me that he picked that colour❗


There was a hit again for another guy

First hit so carefully,,,

There are you go!


He caught yellowtail!

By IEYASU 120g AKAKIN, whole swallowed  


We didn’t have the luck after and every one went for sea bream rubber,

he caught Spanish mackerel by jigging❗

He caught 3 fishes


Even really big yellowtail




This guy caught Spanish mackerel and summer flounder by HIDEYOSHI.



He caught yellowtail by IEYASU 120g AKAKIN.

Is it a bait⁉

In the belly of Spanish mackerel, there were plains of sardines.


It was because of the long raining or the season, the tide was in bad condition😭


The tide is hard but on the sea surface the tide moves fast, it is better to use heavy jigs or sea bream rubbers.

Even the water depth is 40m, you need a jig between 120g and 180g.

Quickly goes to deep water with tungsten, please try and find it out!