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Shallow fishing in Omaezeki, Shizuoka Prf. Day1 with Namimaru


22ndm Julym, 2020


I joinged to Omaezaki port which is in Shizuoka with NAMIMARU.


Almost no winds and calm, time to wait until the tide moves.



Yet small sized pagrus majors and scorpionfishes are caught.


As the captain’s guess, after 10am, the tide started moving and we hit a lot.


Strong pull to narrow down the rod‼




By DROPーK120g clear red 

He caught a greater amberjack.

What is great of fishing in Omaezaki is even greater amberjack is caught by using sea bream rubber😁




Good sized Hong Kong grouper.

By DROP-K120ggold glow.


It spit out a big crab.


The captain

By DROP-K120gclear gold

He adviced me how to fish in person of different kinds, so I learned quit well.



This guy is from Ishiguro Iwata shop.

By DROP-K120g clear orange.

He finally got the knack of fishing and caught consecutively.

I also caught a good sized 60cm of sea bream.

By DROP-K80g gold glow


Then we moved to more shoal spot.

The point is around 20m.


We actually hit a lot but as the sizes are small, we cannot catch well.


Then doubles hits come for these two.



They aren’t sea breams but mackerels.



Caught even jigging and sea bream rubber!


Sea breams are on high activity🤣


As we catch a lot, we try something else.

The captain and me go for more heavier DROP₋K

Me; 250g/ The captain;300g


We catch nothing😅

It seems like around 120g is the best.


I caught sea breams enough so I use a jig to aim for different type of fishes.



TOKICHIRO 80gTS original colour.

Seasonally chicken grunt.


By IEYASU 120g all glow

Good sized Hong Kong grouper


80cm sized sea bream.

It is shallow so it runs so well as if it’s mackerels.


When the tide moves, fishes are on high activity so it is such a nice day.