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Aiming at fish of phantom part 2@Shintokumaru


3rd, July, 2020

I weNt fishing in Togimachi fisshinf boat which in in Ishikawa prefecture with Shintokumaru

This time is aiming fir Nippon spinous😁


As the last month fishing, we caught them so I was excited for this time‼

Taking 2h to get to the point

There was undulation from last day and everyone got lightly seasick😅

But even in the situation, we caught the first one

By using TAIKO HIDEYOSHI 300g zebra silver



Some points there were silver kamens😱

Some people got how to catch Nippon spinosus 


Then catching the aiming one from the onslaught of silver kamens

By using TAIKO HIDEYOSHI 300g red zebra 

In the case; reference is tackle fishing 


Reel:Osaka jigger1501

Line fishing:PE1.5size reeder 8size


This guy from Tenryu cauhgt it 

There are too many jellyfish and guides and reels got difficult…

Caught a good size while fighting with jellyfish

By using TAIKO HIDEYOSHI 300g red zebra


Expecting to catch Nippon spinosus but the fish I caught was sea bream😭

TAIKO 300g all grow 


The biggest sized of the day

By using TAIKO HIDEYOSHI 300g zebra silver

There were much grow by using some grow stickers.

After we caught some Nippon spinosus and some other fishes and the day was done.



The tide of depth water was kinda empty…

But again this time TAIKO HIDEYOSHI 300g with short pitch in the good condition.


As reference, the video of Mr, Gengorou



It was more quicker than I expected the slow pitch

If you aime for Nippon spinosus with TAIKO, try this  


We are out of lack of TAIKO HIDEYOSHI, the next arrival is scheduled for late August.

For product orders and inquiries, please contact your nearest shop. 



  i.e.,you can fish ☆ BOZLES ☆



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