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Aiming for chicken grunts by super light jigging in Kitakyushu


3ed, July 2020

This time we went to Kitakyusu to aime chicken grunts with TRIP

The way we fish today is becoming popular nowadays, SLJ(super light jigging)


This year chicken grunts hangs out a lot and seems difficult to catch.


I felt anxious a bit but for delicious chicken grunts, there were we go!!


Water depth 50m

The was a reaction which seemed chicken grunts.



Dropping to the water depth and rolling quickly 5times and stop!

When it was about 15times of rolling and stopping, there was a hit.

Don’t miss that chance and I caught it♪


At the spot, 4 people caught at the same time!

When we catch a lot, we were on a great mood!



TG TOUKICHIRO 60g green gold


We caught it by using NOBUNAGA light which we sell on out homepage now♪

Because it uses low specific gravity zinc, it was effective for chicken grunts with frequent bites in the fall!


After that, relaxingly lifting and falling, then surprisingly amazing fish!

Summer flounder was caught greatly by using NOBUNAGA light!


After that, the feeding ship came and the fishes weren’t going to bite at all,, 

But we still caught time by time.

We still tried to catch more but catching some extra chicken grunts and today is done.


When I aimed for chicken grunts, main target for SLJ, sea bream was caught♪

TG TOKICHIROU 80gBlue pink


From the water depth and one pitch, he caught it!


What he caught is,,,


TG TOKICHIROU 60g green gold

We tried many kinds of tungstens but TOUKICHIROU caught a lot!


At the last, dropping DROP K, sea breams has got a reaction to it♪

DROP K60gorange glow


In the end, everyone caught at least one and we amused a lot!

It was said difficult to caught chicken grunts but I caught them somehow so I am so pleasant♪


Thanks to the captain and all crews!