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TG Taiko Hideyoshi

To get to the top, you have to keep on winning.

Zebra gold

Colors Zebra gold, zebra silver, red zebra, all-glow, orange zebra
Weights 200g(116mm) Retail price: 4,980 yen (not including tax)
250g(127mm) Retail price: 6,500 yen (not including tax)
300g(135mm) Retail price: 7,800 yen (not including tax)
Material Tungsten

The dream of unifying Japan – a feat never before accomplished by anyone. The first to achieve it was Hideyoshi, a farmer's son. Exceptional genius and skilled in swaying the hearts of men - Hideyoshi, the man who unified the nation, fulfilled his every desire and came to have untold riches in his grasp. The TG TAIKO HIDEYOSHI series are history's first heavyweight tungsten lures aimed at high-class deep-sea fish. A small silhouette and large undulations captivate all targets that live in the deeps. To quote Hideyoshi, "If you don't sing, I'll make you sing." When the TAIKO HIDEYOSHI is in action, there's nothing that can't be caught.



Flashing and spiral sinking produced by a polyhedral shape with sharp edges


Movement to a horizontal orientation with strong wobble by means of lateral asymmetry and center balance


Stable swimming with the tail waving from side to side like spoons used for trout