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12th, March 2021

I join to Daishinmaru in Toyohama which is in Aichi Prf,.


When we arrive to the point, no wind, no weave, such a good condition!?

But the ship doesn’t move, then it gets difficult.



At the moment when it gets windy, there is a hit 

Electronic nc Chacha 300g Glow head silver電動チャチャ300gグローヘッドシルバーにて


When the ship doesn’t move, between 150g and 200g jigs are good to catch.



And the rain stops, it starts wending, then there are hits constantly.


The electronic jigging looks so much fun but hand rolled looks tough.




By Electronic 300g smoke silver



This one is Electronic Chacha 300g Smoke silver


Congrats for first Albacore!


On the another ship, they caught Albacores by Electronic Chacha 300g




It is depends if it’s windy or not and need of jigs make a huge difference.

Light spots is 170g, heavy places is 500g.

So having only 300g doesn’t mean it’s alright.

There is always jigs which match on the situations.

Using Electronic Chacha would be a good idea to give a try.


We cannot catch a lot like last time’s fishing but it goes on!



つまり、釣れる ☆ BOZLES ☆