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TUNGSTEN PRODUCTFor Tungsten Manufacturing, Come to BOZLES


When small size is trendy, make it big with tungsten.

Using tungsten –
it’s the natural choice.

With a specific gravity 1.6 times greater than lead, tungsten has greater resistance to current and can be fashioned to imitate small fish.
Tungsten is also less physically demanding during action and retrieval, earning it broad support among anglers.

“If I’d been using tungsten,
that day might have had a
happy end.”

For Your Company

We take advantage of the technology and experience we have cultivated to deliver high-quality, low-cost products to customers who want to make tungsten jigs.

It's tungsten.

Tungsten is quite rare, and is a very expensive metal.
Its melting point is 3,422 degrees Celsius, the highest of any metal. It cannot be formed by melting it and pouring it into a mold like with lead. Poor paint adhesion is another characteristic of tungsten, and durability can’t be achieved using ordinary paints.
More than 80% of the world’s tungsten comes from China. Production and trade are high-cost and labor-intensive.

LET'S TUNGSTEN!Let's go with Tungsten!

  • -Thanks to the high specific gravity, size can be made 30% smaller compared with lead, even at the same weight.
  • -Material can be used without waste in the processes of compounding, forming, and sintering.(Cutting or other shaping after forming is not needed.)
  • -Powder metallurgy is a forming method that does not waste energy and is environment-friendly.


  1. 1Design
  2. 2Mold
  3. 3Compounding
  4. 4Heating
  5. 5Sintering
  6. 6Grinding
  7. 7Finishing
  8. 8Painting
  9. 9Packaging

Giving Shape to Dreams

  • Original Tungsten Jigs
  • Shop-original Tungsten Jigs
  • Captain-original Tungsten Jigs
  • Tungsten Tai-rubber Heads
  • Tungsten Sinkers
Other Tungsten Products (Inquiries Welcome)
High Quality
Control for an attractive finish through meticulous and rigorous workflow
Quick Turnaround
Pursuit of productivity through elimination of waste in every process of operations
Low Cost
Reduced costs through concentration of indirect operations and cooperative stocking in bulk batches
From planning through to delivery, prompt response by full-service staff with abundant experience