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Let the Extraordinary Make Your Heart Dance

The stage is the island of Iriomote, one of Japan’s foremost tropical-resort destinations. Kayaks equipped with the latest foot-pedal systems can easily be made to turn and reverse using hand-operated levers. Having both hands free also lets you take photos or enjoy a beverage as you glide along. Amid a subtropical sea glittering emerald-green and majestic mangrove trees that excite the spirit of adventure, enjoy fishing that is more thrilling and healing than you can imagine. Life jackets and complete sets or fishing gear are also available for rental, so you can travel light and come empty-handed. Color fish finders are installed on all kayaks. You can go after taman (spangled emperor), akajin (coral grouper), giant trevally, mangrove red snapper, and other fish by jigging, casting, and bait fishing. The outing is accompanied by a guide, so even first-timers can fish with security. Two-person craft are also available for couples or persons traveling with a child. Feel free to inquire and get the ball rolling!