TG NOBUNAGA NEO【200g~400g】

Nobunaga's history begins gain ­– a new legend, together with you.

UV fluorescent silver

Material Tungsten
Colors UV fluorescent silver, Glow hed silver, Zebra gold, Zebra silver
weight ・200g Retail price: 5,150 yen (not including tax)
・300g Retail price: 7,800 yen (not including tax)
・400g Retail price: 9,800 yen (not including tax)

The Battle of Okehazama. Nobunaga's forces, outnumbered twenty to one, were at an overwhelming disadvantage, yet still achieved a miraculous victory. A meticulously calculated strategy and bodies rigorously trained to ultimate toughness ­– those who followed Nobunaga to victory in battle surely must have regarded him as a man of incalculably immense caliber. The form fashioned of tungsten imparts a sense of heft, and plummets to the seabed where the targets await as if on wings of wind. After it reaches the bottom, you just jerk gently. Delicate balance retards its descent. In its horizontal orientation, it appears to be an incredibly natural item waiting to be taken – ready to conquer the daimyo warlords residing at the sea floor.
TG NOBUNAGA NEO. With unmatched speed and sharp long slide, it will ambush even the most seasoned fighters.
The history of "Nobunaga" starts again. A new legend begins with you.

※Please note that in order to prioritize response, the product is made in the thinnest shape possible with titanium molding, so there may be slight bending and warping during sintering. Also, there is a possibility of the body being damaged if the fish is caught and it struggles on the boat.