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Mikazuki Katsuhide

A Time of Rapture ­– Mikazuki Ecstasy

Length MZK 624B 6.2ft / MZK 633B 6.3ft
JIG MZK 624B 150g / MZK 633B 120g
PE bset MZK 624B #1.5 / MZK 633B #1
DRAG max MZK 624B 4kg / MZK 633B 3kg

Mikazuki Munechika ­– the celebrated sword forged by master swordsmith Sanjo Munechika during the Heian period. Used in numerous battles, the combat-seasoned blade later passed on to the Toyotomi household, then to the Tokugawa line, and its name is celebrated today as one of the Five Greatest Swords under Heaven. The Mikazuki Katsuhide rod from BOZLES ­– a single-piece hollow blank integrating the rod with a flexible tip that captures delicate strikes without flicking and a grip crater that accurately communicate change to the gripping hands. Installed on this structure are Torzite guides. Pads that offer dramatically enhanced sensitivity and tough persistence counter the resistance of large targets for successful landing. Thanks to fine artisanship from BOZLES, this ultra-light power rod delivers it all ­– sensitivity, strength, and controllability. When the Katsuhide makes its appearance aboard your vessel, look for an elegant crescent moon on the water.