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A tale of princesses in a land at war.
HATSU's beautiful features make history.


Colors Red metallic, full silver, all-glow, glow-head silver, pink-edge silver
Weights 150g(205mm) Retail price: 2,350 yen (not including tax)
180g(210mm) Retail price: 2,550 yen (not including tax)
Material Zinc

The three Azai sisters, who accomplished their Machiavellian missions as the nieces of revolutionary Nobunaga, leaving the stamp of their names on the era. Ohatsu, the second sister, inherited the looks of Oichi, her mother, dubbed the most beautiful woman in Sengoku Japan. Slender and attractive in face and figure, she captivated the men of the realm at war. These long jigs of zinc allow feature a low center of gravity and lateral asymmetry. The body has a two surface structure ­– one side round and the other flat ­– and its heft is lightened when jerked, achieving super-long sliding that is light and agile. Assumes a horizontal orientation after sliding Use of an alloy of low specific gravity enables positioning for striking with a slow fall Buffeted by the times, HATSU devoted herself to brining about an end to an era of strife.