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Mackerels on roll@SEIHOUMARU


I go to Oi port in Aichi with SEIHOUMARU

This time we aim for mackerels!



Starting at shallow point,


By Gou 150glimited on online, zebra silver 


By GOU 150gfull silver, summer flounder 

By GOU 150gfull silver coloured zebra silver


I catch two of mackerels 


The time for fishing spot get settled so we go to for more deep spot.


It is a deep spot so I change to 200g

First rolling fast and fall,

By GOU 200g limited online, red metallic 


By GOU 150gcoloured full silver and double mackerels 

It is not fall but just rolling and it bites.



By GOU 200glimited on online Green gold zebra 

He catches a lot


By GOU 180gred metallic 




By GOU 150gred metallic 


This mackerels looks really good and delicious.


It feels really good to fall by rolling fast and the line gets softer.


We announced GOU already so you can check.

It comes mackerel hook and everything so you can use it when you open it.



This time the baits are bigger sardines mostly.



GOU is really wonderful product so please check it out!