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Season for mackerels in Ise port!!


Today I join to O-i port in Aich Prf,. with WING.


During autumn m and Ise port are perfect match for mackerels!

This year I catch yellowtails time to time.

When the sea gets colder, it will be easier to catch.



During the morning, my aiming isn’t caught, I just catch one by IEYASU.

Hair tails are on the roll and by using GOU 200g, we constantly catch a lot!

If you get the hit range, just staying is good too.

While staying, watching rod tip, and you see tiprun to catch.

From 10 secs, the maximum is 1min to stay and you can catch!



For the last chance we get back to shallow place for mackerels.

During 30mins before finish the day, there is a hit!

GOU150g web limited zebra silver 

I can catch one somehow finally.


The static for shallow places is really simple.

For mackerels which stay in the bottom, go for bottom to catch, and rolling reel fast and drop, repeat this.

In 5m to move for imagination.

Please try it out!



つまり、釣れる ☆ BOZLES ☆