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Sea breams rubber and jigging in Nezugasaki in Yamagata orf,@Marusekimaru


This time I join to Uesyumaru in Yamagata prf, Nezugasaki for sea breams rubber and jigging.

In Yamagata Prf, casting game gets settled down and it’s time for sea breams.

Meeting at 4am at a port and departure at 4h30.

Afternoon gets really hot so the morning is the time to aim.

30mins on ride and we get to the point.

I start from 60m depth of water, the head is surely TG Drop-K

Today is no wind and 60g is a bit too much.

I’m about to catch but it doesn’t work…


But then it changes and we catch constantly .



Everyone changes the speed of rolling and the weight of jig and rubber, they catch really well.


I also use our new product, TG634 and I catch.



After the captain gets a really heavy one,,, and it is a huge mackerel 

And after I hit too, by using TOUKICHIROU 60g



Everyone is great at fishing and they continue catching sea  breams.




And we focus on aiming for sea breams.

I start from 70m from the depth of water.

But the captain told me that theses days it is difficult to catch sea breams and they don’t bite.



So basically how to catch is 

●Using heavier head more than to catch sea breams and throw is straightly.

●When it reaches to the bottom, hit the bottom and just keep staing on 10m from the bottom of water. If it doesn’t work, hit the ground again.

●While stainy and they bite, rod tip sings that something bites so you adjust immediately.

●After no ponpiing and fight against it slowly.


Like this.


Today is really hard way but by using this strategy, I catch a seabream somehow.

By TG DROP-K 150g


We try hard to catch but it is so difficult to catch and today is done.



Around Yamagata Prf, area, it is a season for sea breams.

You can use sea bream rubber but also jigging too, it is a good thing about sea bream.

In Yamagata Prf, TOUKICHIROU, IEYASU, DROP-K work really well, especially DROP-K is really useful for sea bream

After you reach on the ground and while staying, they bite so rods need be hard to get a chance to catch them.



Please try everyone and go to Yamagata Prf, during summer and use TOKICHIROU, IEYASU and DROP-K, then go to catch sea breams.