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Aiming for yellowtail by SLJ@Shima ONESTEP


This is the season for yellowtails, so I join to ONESTEP that it is in Shima.

The day before, according to forecast it is supposed to be rain but the day is sunny and no wind, just a little bit of rain.

Departing at 4h30, the point is the shallow area and the depth of water is between 8m~30m.

The jigs I use is NOBUNAGA light, TOUKICHIROU and IEYASU 15g,20g which released last May.

The points of aiming for yellowtails are,

●It is a shallow area so do not aim for under the ship and casting the jig as far as possible

●Normally yellowtails are floating from the bottom so count until reaching to the bottom and aim a bit of higher points from the bottom.

●It is okay to just roll to aim them, but basically huge free falling with one pitch or quick rolling from big fall

●If it is one pitch, free fall with the rod tip lowered quickly and the jig turned sideways.

During falling, there are many chances to catch so if line stops, or goes, then directly hooking.



Before the morning is the time for yellowtails but this day it is difficult to catch them, during the middle there are mackerels and on the bottom I catch rockfish 😛 


By using TOKICHIRO 30g



By NOBUNAGA light 40g


By NOBUNAGA light 40g




There are the bites.


And this,,,

It gets like this haha



While I catch mackerels and rockfishes, I also catch good sized yellowtail.

By NOBUNAGA light 40g

NOBUNAGA light is really useful for yellowtail.


After that, we catch many various fishes but also yellowtails.


By TOUKICHIROU 20g and such a good sized




By ZIN slim 40g



Today we catch a lot like yellowtails, mackerels and rockfishes.


This time the jigs we use are NOBUNAHA light, TOUKICHIROU and IEYASU but new size ones.

I used them too and what I feel is when you need a big silhouette, if you use tungsten or lead, it gets heavy and it is really quick to fall.

But this NOBUNAGA light is made by zinc so it matches with  silhouette, and it is lighter then other materials so you can make time for falling a lot.

Especially yellowtails come during falling so making time by using this  silhouette is really effective.


Also the S-shape of NOBUNAGA has  been modified, and it goes quite a bit with just a roll, so it is also effective for red sea breams.

Focusing on  silhouette and aim catching, NOBUNAGA light,

The tide stops and it impossible to adjust  silhouette, TOUKICHIROU, IEYASU 15g and 20g, it is going to be such a killer.


Please try once if you have chance!