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Chill fishing in Ehime Prf,.


This time I join to KAIDO-MARU in Uwajima island to aim for yellowtails by SLJ!!


Let’s go!


It takes 1h to get to the point~~🙌

There is a reaction so I throw a jig immediately!

…….No hit😂

For the moment we catch a lot but it is Synodontidae😂😂

We try again and again but all we can catch is Scorpion fish🐡

All kinds of Scorpion fishes are caught but no yellowtails😒😒

The captai decides to change on sea bream rubber!

First try and there is a strong hit…

Sea bream~~~🐟🐟🐟

Both of two get them😁

And look at this🙄🙄

Yes! It is connected!!

By using 45g and 60g so 105g in total!!

I’ve always wanted to try~😁

Please try it everyone if you have a chance😁

Fishing in Uwajima island is like this and it is so much fan~✨