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SLJ in Shima port@ONESTEP


This time I join to Wagu port in Mie Prf, with ONESTEP.

I record about the hit products to commerce.

The captain says that the morning is really great time so I focus on the morning.


Firstly, starting with NOBUNAGA which we make to use in Shima port.

I do casting and I aim for middle zone.

I catch yellowtail, grunt and flounder!

All are from middle zone.

By NUBUNAGA light 40g UV fluorescent silver

The size is a little bit small but it has a lot of baits.



By NOBUNAGA light 40g ONLINE limited colour pink gold.

Typical guest, blacktip grouper.

He changes the lure and catches quit firstly.


I record enough about NOBUNAGA so I change the lure.


In the end of this month, it is going to be released TOUKICHIRO and IEYASU but new sizes.

By using 15g and 20g, we aim for grunts.



The morning time is about to settle down, using a small silhouettes are the key.

Between middle area, I can catch yellowtail and grunt.


2nd yellowtail catch for today, by IEYASU 15g red metallic.


In the end, the result is like totally SLJ.



I wouldn’t say that the condition on of yellowtail is great but when they’re active on the time, NOBUNAGA light works well because of the silhouette.

When it gets difficult, really small silhouette IEYASU and TOUKICHIROU, and I can catch a lot through a day.


I don’t aim for depth of water in Shima port for yellowtail because of being routed and catch any fishes.

Just first for few seconds I touch to the depth of water and I count how long it takes.

Then I search between middle zone so that you are able to aim for yellowtail.

And since it’s not from the depth of water, it is easy to roll as well.


Just give it a try!



つまり、釣れる ☆ BOZLES ☆