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Mackerels are on roll with Arimotomaru


Today is jigging day in Ise port.

It’s my second time to fish there🤞


Reaching to the point and first try, I catch a huge mackerel so I think that they are on roll so second try.

And the accident happens,,, when I throw it, the tackle of mackerel, the rod slew and get into the sea…🥶🥶

Plus I only bring this😨



Then finished~~~~

From now I need to change my mind to cruising and chat with the captain, the captain finds a tackle fortunately and I am be able to continue fishing!

Wonderful thanks to the captain😭😭😭

Then a flock of mackerels show up and mackerels are on roll!!

By HIDEYOSHI 120g, and good sized.

After finishing to catch, we actually catch a lot😁

If you catch constantly, I highly recommend you to use tungsten as it is useful!!

Please try everyone!


Well it is a such a nice fishing with such a good captain!