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Tungsten【TG HATTORI】is out of release


This is announce of our new product.

Since last season, we have tried many times, squid metal which is made by tungsten is now released.



The name is,



The tungsten company maker seriously makes TG squid lure.

What are the shapes and features you care about?

It is a quite smaller size in TG squid lure.

The shape is roud shape with compact body, it is not easy affected by the tide and can be quickly the place to the indicated.

The balance design  is designed for use with the dropper, and maintains a horizontal posture during tension fall.

For eyes, we use a swivel eye to reduce thread twist.




There are 9 colours for line up


The purple one has Keimura coat but the others are glow based.

The head and the colour of the fabric and the intensity of the light are different when it shines.

The most glitter one is all glow

The most shining all glow

With well shiness, redwhite, bluewhite

With slithly shining blueblack, redgreen

No shine one is Keimu purple,


Even the darkest sea, you can make it stand out, or with no shine and avoid from being attacked by fishes.

Colour rotation  +amount of shininess rotation and you can approach to squids differently.




Sizes and prices are

12 size(45g)1,600円

15 size(56g)1,900円

20 size(75g)2300円



Pictures from last year testing fishing



For the season of squids,

Products page is from here↓

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