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Jigging for red seabream in Aomori Prf, with TOKICIHIRO@Koeimaru


This time, it’s the season for Red seabream so I go for Red bream jigging for 2 days!

The first day is with Koeimaru which I always take it. 

This is first time for me to be in Aoyama Prf, to fish so I’m excited.

I’m on a ship for the morning and even afternoon, so we gather at 3am and we departure at 4am.


About after 15mins we get to the point but it is still in dark a bit; we start.

The jig I use is typical one in Aoyama Prf, TOKICHIROU.

The weight is around between 30g-60g.

I throw as far as possible by spinning, search widely and find the spot is the feather for this are.

There are reactions between the middle and bottom, so I aim for catching better either the middle or the bottom.

Firstly, I make it reach to the bottom and search from there.

And I catch when I roll about 10m!

By TOKICHIROU Toueimaru colour

It is a good start!

Then there is a hit at the middle zone too!

Good sized Red seabream

He catches by using RANMARU


Until then, just casting and I device between the middle zone and bottom one but there are extraordinary reacts from the middle zone to the bottom one, with TOKICHIRO, when you drop it, you catch immediately.




We change the point then the captain told me to be careful because around here  there are sharks, so I go for the middle zone, while falling, the line stops and there is a hit!


I have a different feeling to catch a red bream and then it is,,

The shark lol


Seems like around deeper place between the middle and the bottom, there are sharks.

So I catch some sharks but I never give up.

The morning ship is time out, we return to the port and restart with the afternoon ship.



Since the afternoon, catching red seabreams never stop,

Even red seabream rubber head TG DROP-K60g too!

There is also unique fish only in Tohoku area.

Also delicious flatfish,


90 cm over sized monster sea bass!!

Such a wonderful sea!

This is my first time to red seabream jigging in Tohoku area but I find it that this are is really unique.

And if you throw it away as far as possible, you can search a lot and it brings you many hits.



Red seabremas are most of the time on the around bottom area; that is what we normally think but this area, red seabrems are there even between 60m and 70m, even 25m from the sea surface.

I have never caught a lot of fishes in my life so it is such a nice experience.




Very thanks for the captain, ship and all clews.