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Red seabream at Ise port@RUSH



I join to RUSH at Morozaki in Aichi Prf, which is the ship is only for red seabream.

I recommend this ship who only aim for red seabreams.


Since the morning, it is weak wind and the sea was lull.

Tide is not strong and it is a difficult situation.

Even we are about to catch, it is just a touching, so the captain is looking for a good place.


During the last one hour,


there is a small red seabream.

Changing the head, casting with spinning and etc, I try as much as I can do and there is a hit with 80g on shallow place when I try to make it down straightly.




With the same routine and there is another catch, it is a kind of okay size.

By DROP-K 80g Clair gold.



When it is about I get to know how to catch, time is up.


Just changing the colour of head makes a differences so please try everyone!




つまり、釣れる ☆ BOZLES ☆