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Albacore jigging@Sanyoumaru


These days I go to Albacore jigging which is really popular right now.

The weather is unfortunately rain and huge weave,

it is difficult to catch.

It is first time for me to try Albacore jigging so do my best by learning by watching.


The jig I use is electronic CHACHA 300g.

Depth of water is between 300m-400m.

But it seems that Albacores is migrating above the middle layer, and while checking the line colour, I searched slowly from 200m to around 100m at one pitch.


After 2hours, no hit and because of the weave, the ship moves a lot and it rains too.


The silence keeps then hit comes.

And hit comes to me as well.

There are many catches after that.


The ship moves because of padded dressing grown and it feels heavy.



Pulling myself together, and throwing again, then hit comes.


Taking time and slowly puling it up.

After 10mins, finally the fish show off.

First time Albacore for her!

By electronic CHACHA 300g glow head silver.


After this, hits comes for everyone.


Hits continue without any breaks, there are so many Albacores in the ship.



The weather was actually pretty bad but we caught a lot so we finish at 12 o’clock.


First time for Albacore jigging, it was a good experience.

The jig I use is electronic CHACHA 300g


This is a long jig made of zinc alloy, which has a lighter specific gravity than lead and tungsten.

So you can take a long time for fall and search different places than zinc nor tungsten.

It’s effective for albacores that are migrating above the middle layer.

For hook setting, there is greater amberjack’s hook and this time, I try without rear hook.

Since there are many hits in the peculiar long fall, there are also the time when it hits but needle don’t catch easily, so it may be to attach the rear hook as well.


Nowadays albacore jigging is really famous.



The captain says that we can aim albacores until the middle of May.

Please everyone go to try to catch albacores by electronic CHACHA!