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Albacore tuna@LEON


9th, March

I join to Oi port in Aichi Prf., with LEON

For the first time for only aiming Albacore tuna


Today is a lucky day!

Around 10kg of Albacore tuna are caught a lot 




The first one of today 




By automatically CHACHA 300f blue rose

Rear hook with M sized greater amberjack


Today I catch 2 by rolling and other 2 by falling



Today’s hitting pattern is just one pitch, falling×2 after long jerk.



When there are flock, there is a high chance to catch!

If the hook and setting don’t match, you won’t be able to catch


Automatically CHACHA is able to catch even Albacore tuna with huge hook and swivel.

Like this you won’t be bothered by needles!



Please try it out!