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Albacore tuna@Daishinmaru


25th February, 2021

In Aichi Prf., Toyohama port, I join to albacore tuna jigging with Daishinmaru


It gets too famous and even I would like to get tackle, I cannot find it,

So I try with automatically tackle.



Right after we get to the point, there is hit for clue,

When I try to get a picture, hit comes again.





A small sized Albacore tuna

Automatically CHACHA 300g glow head silver

Front hook is normal one so for rear hook,  M sized greater amberjack


After, add another one with the same jig


The rolling speed of automatically reel is 18 



The people who catch a lot seem like watch around and don’t push so hard on fishing.


I also try spining tackle with testing jig 250g

While I fall it, hit comes 



Today I catch 3.





This time I use mainly, automatically CHACHA 300g is made by low specific gravity alloy and it can search a different range compared to lead 300g jig.


How to use is the same but when you aime to catch in shallow spot, it works out really good.


Do not forget the rear hook because there are hits while falling.