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Mackerels on a rolle in Ise port@WING


24th November , Friday

I go to Oi fishing harbor in Aichi Prf. for WING.


Today the wind is strong so start from shallow point,

Close to Otori mountain, let’s start jigging 



Japanese amberjacks are on roll,


Without stopping hits by HIDEYOSHI Red metallic,




By NOBUNAGA 150g blue pink


In the belly of Japanese amberjacks, this sized Japanese anchovies😳

These fishes size is like NOBUNAGA 150g



The morning hits is about to finish and hits don’t come up,



Small sized Japanese amberjacks by testing jig 180g

He hits it on the bottom of water


The wind weakens, time to change the point

Seems like there are Japanese Spanish mackerels except Japanese amberjacks


Hit comes dialectally by NOBUNAGA 150g



After this, by testing jig 150g, two Japanese Spanish mackerels caught.


This is about the season for mackerels.

I’m really looking forward to next fishing.


つまり、釣れる ☆ BOZLES ☆