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Satsukimaru in Yamagata Prf. Ieyasu’s strongth for tilefishes


28th, October, 2020


This time I joined to Satsukimaru for tilefish jigging fishing in Sakata city which is in Yamagata Prf,.

It was supposed to be really strong wind but it wasn’t and even more in a good condition.

30mins of moving to arrive the point, starting from the 80m of the depth water.

The tide seems doesn’t move really…


Then there’s a hit!

Good sized seabream with DROP-K 100g

Rolling from the bottom and he catches it.

Good start from the beginning of morning.


There are another hit too!

This one is also good sized sea bream


He searches  the bottom with lifting and falling then he catches by falling.

Today fishes are so active!!


The captain is also get by just rolling from the bottom, by using TOKICHIRO 80g


Seam breams are so active but the one we want, tilefish which  we aime for aren’t caught.


I also start with IEYASU 80g,



Just first throw and there you go, tilefish comes! 

I think and say that it is kind of miracle…


I don’t know why but I can catch!


It is not probably the miracle that I think of.

I totally catch 8 tilefishes with IEYASU.


From the afternoon every one get tilefishes 🙂


DROP-K 120g



For no reasons, lizardfish is caught the most.

It is so confusing as pulling is similar  between lizardfish and tilefish lol


Think of getting another lizardfish but in the end it is Spanish Mackerel.

Is is light sized as lizardfish.



Today’s tilefish is good with jigging than sea bream rubber.


Today’s hitting paterns is, when it reaches to the bottoms, try to the line to be straight  towards the surface of the sea.


Tilefish makes a burrow in the sandy mud and attacks and preys on fish that have entered its territory. So if you let it go straight t to the bottom, you can hit with lifting and falling over and over again to make send smoke sand. (It is the bottom so you don’ need to worry to hook on seawead)


After just rolling and light pit, and rolling 3~5times and they bite.

When they are pretty active, they come after until like 10m. 


For the fishes have small mouth like tilefish, IEYASU which is straightly go to the bottom and leave the silhouette is effective. 


In the smoke sand, there are the point which is for sea breams as well, it would be interesting to use TOKICHIRO and HIDEYOSHI.

Tilefish jigging is fantasticl! 

I hope that tilefish jigging gets more well known.



Thanks to the captain for the wonderful time.