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Mackerels are on the roll@Shintokumaru


27th, 28th October

I join to Shintokumaru which is in Togi, Ishikawa Prf.

The ship gets bigger than middle of September and it is more comfortable.


Then this autumn season, it is time for mackerels.


This bonito is for this autumn season by testing jig.



By NOBUNAGA 120g red metallic.


Amberjacks and yellowtails are on the roll.


By IEYASU all glow




I catch this small sized yellowtail by testing jig.



By testing jig again


By IEYASU TS origiinal colour with green gold head.


Yellowtail again by NOBUNAGA

It is rare to have a bait tackle in this place, Togi, he catch them a lot two days in a row.




Depends on the place, seems like there is sea breams under mackerels,

By NOBUNAGA 150g red metallic




The captain catch this by IEYASU


A huge sized scorpion fish.


Yellow grouper by testing jig


Not only this one but the really good one in the end.

Only one amberjack in these two days.

Through these two days, IEYASU is strong as always.

NOBUNAGA is about to catch yellowtail fish so it would be interesting.