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Mackerels are on the role@RYUSEIMARU


27th, July, 2020

I go to Nishiura fishing port in Aichi Prf. with RYUSEIMARU.

Planning to do SLJ but it is difficult in offshore so go for jig inside the bay.



To the spot safely 


Seems like there are many baits, I find a lot of fishing boats.

Take a bit of distance and go for where the reaction is.


The captain says that small mackerels won’t bother so it is good here,

These baits seem like sardines.



Then the hit comes,

It is like a bit weird pull, then it goes away forward the leader.

Spanish mackerel gets the hook😱



Then there’re double hits for fellow passengers.



They catch yellowtail and Japanese amberjack.

It is shallow and catch really well, to avoid catching too many mackerels,

Others stops fishing and seeing how it goes.

We are down to fish certainly.



Last week’s fishing, IEYASU works quite well at the similar spot.


Today it plays an active part well again.


First Japanese amberjack for him 

By IEYASU 120g green gold

We take measure for Spanish mackerel, we use the hook from BOZLES which is made only for Spanish mackerel.



2nd Japanese amberjack



3rd Japanese amberjack, it shallows whole of IEYASU

I look the record of fish finder from the captain,

sometimes baits through and some good reactions.

Seems like it is about to bite the jig but it doesn’t eat it.

Even I chase for it, it is like 5m from the bottom of water.

There are boils but it is difficult with jigs, selectively go for 5m from the bottom of water.

Without thinking any difficult things, just rolling and dropping.

The strategy is repeating this so fishes see it.


I catch 2 Japanese amberjacks by middle rolling and a Japanese amberjack by falling.



There’s no wind nor tide,



Then small sized one is caught immediately.

By NOBUNAGA LIGHT 80g pink gold



If the tide doesn’t move, you cannot use it but when the tide is slack and seem like any fish bites, it works really well😁

This one is good when the tide ar the ebb and flow tide.


Around middle of August, we will resell by WEB shopping


Steadily we barely catch so we change the point.

We go for a bit deeper and low tide,


Yellowtail is caught by NOBUNAGA LIGHT

Rolling quickly and stopping, then yellowtail is caught.



From Ishigro Nakagawakanosato shop

By IEYASU 120g green gold

More details of this day, please ask the owner of the store.




By NOBUNAGA LIGHT 120g red metallic



Everyone catch Japanese amberjacks and today is done.


These fishes we catch today seem eat a lot of bites, they look in a good condition.

It is time for mackerels right now as it is the season.


Please go to fish to enjoy yourself!